Tacit or Loud: where is the knowledge in art?
Symposium and festival for artistic research
Nov 16-Dec 3

Dec 2, 10:30
Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka
Flora Könemann

We create situations that confront us and our audience with different layers
of experience: Leaving the traditional “concert stage setting”, we use the actual room
and its acoustics to create a performative space with its own poetics. Moving in mazes
of everyday objects, instruments and tools, we create trails of bodily action and sound
that leave a connecting trace of actual experience for both the listener_viewers as
well as for the performers.
Our performance explores how liveness and mediatization are placed and performed
in order to create 'spaces of experience' or even 'auratic atmospheres' (in terms of
perception as an auratic process).
Considering sound improvisation as a process of awareness and perception rather than
a product of technique and tools, we contribute to an artistic practice that discusses
the embodied presence of the performer, experimental/improvised sound, use of
voice, collaborative processes and materiality (resonating / amplified objects) as well
as curiosity and playfulness as central focal points, moving beyond the formal practice
of composition. Doing so, we also redefine traditional notions of the “musical
instrument”, seeing an instrument not only as object, but as a performative
interaction between certain tools, ways-of-doing, and psychophysical disposition of the
performers and audiences.
The theoretical and aesthetical background we draw on is combining concepts of artistic hacking, holistic body theories (such as realized in Alexander Technique and Yoga), aspects of media art and installation, as well as musical improvisation/ spontaneous composition as “social art” (Reinhard Gagel). The instruments we use are (handmade/circuit-bended) electronic circuits, tape
players, acoustical instruments, amplified household objects, our bodies, the space we
live in.

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka
Flora Könemann



Tacit or Loud

Festival program

– Inside/outside
– Post human computation
Arrival Cities: Hanoi
– The Fourth Dimension
– Vodou [...] 
– Il Se Tourna
Possible Worlds
– Face
– Inde
– Choreo Graphia
– Facet II
– Portraits

– Voices-of-No(i)sense
– [choreo] logy ⏐ carto [graphy]
– Reiterations of Dissent
– Body on street
– För den som i hemlighet lyssnar
– Gynoides project
– Violence and Pedagogy
– Knowing "I"?
– That’s all we shall no for truth
- Through Composition as Explanation
– Synsmaskinen

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