Tacit or Loud: where is the knowledge in art?
Symposium and festival for artistic research
Nov 16-Dec 3

Dec 3
Violence and Pedagogy - Test Session nr 2

John Hanse och Henrik Bromander

In a similar way that the Police prepare themselves for crowd control not only by lectures but also by setting up and play out scenarios we can prepare ourselves physically for a discussion about political means and ends. We want to consider the embodied knowledge of a certain action, situation or in a larger context the tacit knowledge of a political practice or a social movement. The possibility to move from the role of a bystander to a participator is the possibility to take a critical position on action itself, it is also possible to focus on a theoretical discussion about practice at a wider level.

This is an ongoing research project which aims to develop a form of pedagogical performance method inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s early theories about the Lehrstück and a theatre that is rather to be played than watched.
The project is inspired by die Maßnahme, a play about politics and radicalism which still today is considered to be one of the most controversial texts in the German post-war era.
Our take is to examine the current militant social movements in Europe in scenarios which are loosely based on real events, reenacted with actors and a live audience. A major part of our source material comes from interviews with militant activists, focusing on their own experiences.

The aim for the test session at Tacit or Loud will be to examine how to move from micro to macro, moral to intellectual, personal to collective points of view in a try to get beyond the current discussion about violence as a part of the political discourse.

The set up of this test session will be performed by:
Text and concept: Henrik Bromander and John Hanse
Sound: Jonas Åkesson
Actors: Ester Claesson, Jerk Ohlson Westin, Oskar Stenström, Ronja Svedmark

The project is funded by Kulturbryggan


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