Tacit or Loud: where is the knowledge in art?
Symposium and festival for artistic research
Nov 16-Dec 3

Dec 3, 14:30
Possible Worlds
Robert Willim

Possible Worlds is an audiovisual performance and an experiment in worldmaking and rendition. It is based on surreal juxtapositions and layerings of sound and images collected on field trips to various sites in different parts of the world. This material is combined with sounds and images from the archives and collections at The Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm.

The result is an attempt to explore notions of ethnographic surrealism and the interplay between undefined worlds and situated rendition of culture. Surrealism is used in an expanded sense, and draws on James Clifford's (1981) statement about ethnographic surrealism as a utopian construct. According to Clifford: "The boundaries of art and science (especially the human sciences) are ideological and shifting, and intellectual history is itself enmeshed in these shifts-its genres do not remain firmly anchored. Changing definitions of art or science must provoke new retrospective unities, new ideal types for historical description. In this sense, 'ethnographic surrealism' is a utopian construct, a statement at once about past and future possibilities for cultural analysis."(Clifford, 1981).

"Possible Worlds" is positioned in the borderland next to Willim's practices as a cultural analyst and ethnographer, and it can be deployed to explore the interplay between representation and evocation. Possible Worlds, like several of Willim's other artworks have emanated from research questions, and are subsequently used as something he calls art probes. These are used to engender inspiration and material for further research. Possible Worlds is produced and performed by Robert Willim, with support by The Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm.

A teaser can be found at: http://vimeo.com/robertwillim/possibleworlds


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