Tacit or Loud: where is the knowledge in art?
Symposium and festival for artistic research
Nov 16-Dec 3

Nov 28, 11:30 and 20:00
Nov 29, 20:00

Inside/outsideis an installation and performance work for three choreographed musicians. Initially, the spectators find three glass boxes, illuminated from different sides by spotlights in the dark room. In each box there appears to be a statue of a musician in traditional Vietnamese queen costume. When the audience moves through the space, the reflections in the boxes create a primary level of being inside and outside the boxes. You see yourself inside the box, and you see the performers reflected in each other’s boxes.

Many questions may be raised by the scenario with the musicans, who eventually begin to play a cut up version reading of traditional Vietnamese music: What are these three individuals in traditional dress doing in there? Why are they here? Do they even have a visa to be in the country? Why are we watching these three Asian “women” inside glassboxes? What is the nature of the gaze coming from the outside?

By the glass boxes you find headphones in which you can focus on the music played in a specific box. In the room is a constantly shifting soundscape of instrumental and electronic sound. The electronics and live-mixing is performed by the composer and improviser Matt Wright. Through these shifting layers that the audience can explore, yet another layer of inside and outside is created.

Building on an analysis of gesture in the performance of traditional Vietnamese music in TV-shows, the choreography of the performance merges with the music that creates a web of sound merging traditional Vietnamese music with experimental Western approaches.

Choreography: Marie Fahlin
The music was created by The Six Tones and Matt Wright
Performed by The Six Tones

The first version of the piece was performed at the Kim Ma Theatre in Hanoi in October 2012


Tacit or Loud

Festival program

– Inside/outside
– Post human computation
Arrival Cities: Hanoi
– The Fourth Dimension
– Vodou [...] 
– Il Se Tourna
Possible Worlds
– Face
– Inde
– Choreo Graphia
– Facet II
– Portraits

– Voices-of-No(i)sense
– [choreo] logy ⏐ carto [graphy]
– Reiterations of Dissent
– Body on street
– För den som i hemlighet lyssnar
– Gynoides project
– Violence and Pedagogy
– Knowing "I"?
– That’s all we shall no for truth
- Through Composition as Explanation
– Synsmaskinen

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