Credit picture: Einar Kling Odencrants
Artists on the pictures: Manda Rydman and Kajsa Bohlin

Tacit or Loud: where is the knowledge in art?
Symposium and festival for artistic research
Nov 16-Dec 3

Nov 28
Gynoïdes Project
Marie-Andrée Robitaille & Maurizio Goina

Gynoïdes Project raises and examines the question of the women agency in circus art. The project addresses the circus practice through a gender perspective in investigating the representation of women in circus. The research focus's on the female circus artist and seeks for a better understanding of the structure of the circus practice by studying the ways in which a female circus artist experiences and understands her own practice.

The project engages in a female-circus making, describes and produces feminist strategies in circus composition. In collaboration with the University Of Dance And Circus, Stockholm University Of the Arts and the Sound And Music Computing Team at the Royal Institute Of Technology, the project intervenes in the structure of circus practice by developing new methods for enhancing bodily expression. The objective is to explore new forms of artistic expression in circus arts through the use of motion capture technology, enabling performers to interactively control computer-generated sounds by means of their own body.

The project seeks to demonstrate that sonification methods are possible solutions to overcome the restrictions imposed by the standardized set of rules in composition, production and distribution of circus arts. The proposal for these calls, is to present a body of circus pieces that has been created with the ambition to investigate solutions as to overcome these restrictions.


Tacit or Loud

Festival program

– Inside/outside
– Post human computation
Arrival Cities: Hanoi
– The Fourth Dimension
– Vodou [...] 
– Il Se Tourna
Possible Worlds
– Face
– Inde
– Choreo Graphia
– Facet II
– Portraits

– Voices-of-No(i)sense
– [choreo] logy ⏐ carto [graphy]
– Reiterations of Dissent
– Body on street
– För den som i hemlighet lyssnar
– Gynoides project
– Violence and Pedagogy
– Knowing "I"?
– That’s all we shall no for truth
- Through Composition as Explanation
– Synsmaskinen

Symposium Nov 28-Dec 3
– Nov 28
– Nov 29
– Nov 30
– Dec 1
– Dec 2
– Dec 3

– Keynote speakers
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