Tacit or Loud: where is the knowledge in art?
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Nov 16-Dec 3

Nov 28
Reiterations of Dissent
Jane Jin Kaisen

The multi-channel video installation, Reiterations of Dissent, concerns the suppressed history and fragmented memories of the Jeju April Third Uprising and Massacre of 1948, during which genocide was committed onto the civilian population on Jeju Island by the South Korean military and police, under supreme command of the United States Military in Korea.The event marks the beginning of the Cold War in Asia and is crucial for understanding the division of Korea. For those reasons, any mention of the event was systematically suppressed for more than five decades.

The work is composed of six different video narratives – Ghosts, Jeju Airport Massacre, Lamentation of the Dead, The Politics of Naming, Retake: Mayday and Island of Endless Rebellion that portray how the event resonates in the landscape of Jeju Island, in literature, in the memories of survivors and relatives, in shamanic rituals mediating between the living and the dead and in the ongoing resistance against the construction of the Jeju Naval Base.

Each video narrative shows a different aspect, a different attempt at approaching the Jeju April Third Uprising as an unstable episode of modern history by presenting a multi-layered archive of experiences, events and perspectives.


Tacit or Loud

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