Tacit or Loud: where is the knowledge in art?
Symposium and festival for artistic research
Nov 16-Dec 3

Nov 30
[choreo] logy ⏐ carto [graphy]
A work by Rebecca Chentinell

[choreo]logy | carto[graphy] is an ongoing live event, parallel to Choreo Graphy, where people moving in the city are being traced and mapped in real time in front of an audience. Out of a choreographic concept, the choreography will be made and
take place in the city while the cartographers/choreologists follow and generate a graphical notation and map of the movement in space and time. The work deals with the notions of choreography and cartography and how these practices, including definitions and concepts, can be understood and recognized through each other.

Practical information:
The audience is free to enter and leave as they please.
The choreographic event in the city can be carried out by dancers, volunteers and/or festival participants, anyone who wants will be able to join and be part of the work by downloading an app that traces their movements.

The project is carried out with support from Kulturbryggan


Tacit or Loud

Festival program

– Inside/outside
– Post human computation
Arrival Cities: Hanoi
– The Fourth Dimension
– Vodou [...] 
– Il Se Tourna
Possible Worlds
– Face
– Inde
– Choreo Graphia
– Facet II
– Portraits

– Voices-of-No(i)sense
– [choreo] logy ⏐ carto [graphy]
– Reiterations of Dissent
– Body on street
– För den som i hemlighet lyssnar
– Gynoides project
– Violence and Pedagogy
– Knowing "I"?
– That’s all we shall no for truth
- Through Composition as Explanation
– Synsmaskinen

Symposium Nov 28-Dec 3
– Nov 28
– Nov 29
– Nov 30
– Dec 1
– Dec 2
– Dec 3

– Keynote speakers
– Presenters