Tacit or Loud: where is the knowledge in art?
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Nov 16-Dec 3

Nov 28
That’s all we shall no for truth: a networked performance
The Six Tones
Chris Chafe, celleto

A year ago, The Six Tones were commissioned by the online journal Verse Junkies to do a piece from a reading by a Thai poet, Zakariya Amataya (http://goo.gl/qJMzjX). We were all quite taken by the political urgency and poetic power of his writings, and perhaps most of all, by the strange music that emerged from working with his reading and immediately started talking about releasing a CD continuing along the same lines. In 2014 we are now planning to record a CD to explore this initial encounter further.

We chose to work with the reading mainly from a musical perspective, though we did also have a translation to English. The process was such that we first made a simple graphic score outlining the tonal patterns and rhythmical shapes in the reading. Then, we recorded the music in an additive process, where each musician would listen to the reading and then improvise a part along with it, also reacting to the score. We added interludes between the verses in the poem, gradually expanding the piece to a musically more interesting shape.

We imagine to explore this method in this concert in various ways. One approach is to make a version according to a project by the American composer Bill Brooks. he describes it in the following way: “After Yeats is not a score for performance but rather a method for determining a score; it extends W. B. Yeats’s practice of poetic declamation to languages other than English. After Yeats describes a collaboration between a performer, who declaims a Yeats poem in translation, self-accompanied by a plucked string instrument, and a composer, who works at a remove to observe and amplify the implications of the declamation.”

Nguyen Thanh Thuy’s reading of a Yeats translation to Vietnamese is now becoming the source for a new composition by Henrik Frisk. the intention is to use this material also in a further development of a more complex composition by The Six Tones in the spirit of “With Only My Hands”.

This networked performance with musicians at the Inter Arts Center and at CCRMA, Stanford University also relates to the ongoing research collaboration between Lund University and Stanford concerned with the relation between music and language.


Henrik Frisk: After Yeats (2014) for dan tranh & electronics
Hana Shin: A Drinking Song (2014) (Yeats)
The Six Tones/Chris Chafe: (2014) With Only My Hands
The Six Tones: (2014) That’s All we shall no for truth
The Six Tones/Chafe: (2014) That’s All we shall no for truth

Chris Chafe: celleto
John Granzow: daxaphone
Chryssie Nanou: piano
Victor Gama: Gama's Toha
Rob Hamilton: electronics
+ The Six Tones inkl Henrik Frisk!

Founded 40 years ago, The Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) is a multi-disciplinary facility where composers and researchers work together using computer-based technology both as an artistic medium and as a research tool. The research and artistic work at the center is complemented by academic courses, seminars, small interest group meetings, summer workshops and colloquia. Concerts of computer music are presented several times each year, including exchange concerts with similar studios and centers. Research includes Composition, Applications Hardware, Applications Software, Synthesis Techniques and Algorithms, Physical Modeling, Music and Mobile Devices, Sensors, Real-Time Controllers, Signal Processing, Digital Recording and Editing, Psychoacoustics and Musical Acoustics, Perceptual Audio Coding, Music Information Retrieval, Audio Networking, Auditory Display of Multidimensional Data (Data Sonification), and Real-Time Applications.



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– That’s all we shall no for truth
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