Arrival Cities: Hanoi
Photo: Stefan Östersjö

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Nov 15-Dec 4

Nov 16-18
Dec 2
Arrival Cities: Hanoi

Arrival Cities: Hanoi is an installation and video art project that deals with the dissolution of the relationship with tradition that urbanization brings. In May and June of 2014 The Six Tones worked with Jörgen Dahlqvist in Hanoi, making documentary recordings and interviews with people in migration zones in the city. We visited a house where street vendors stay in the night, ten women on a bamboo mat on the floor, some of them having stayed there for twenty years, returning to their home village perhaps once or twice a month. But these women are all from the same village. They take care of each other and share history. Their stories are all very different, one woman works in the streets to pay for her two children’s studies in university in Hanoi. Even if she will never become a Hanoian, her children will surely have the option.

The Canadian journalist Doug Saunders discusses 21st century migration in his book entitled “Arrival Cities” (2010). Building on research on five continents, his book chronicles the final shift of human populations from rural to urban areas, which Saunders argues is the most important development of the 21st-century. Saunders argues that this migration creates “arrival cities,” neighbourhoods and slums on the urban margins that are linked both to villages and to core cities, and that the fate of these centres is crucial to the fortunes of nations.

Arrival Cities: Hanoi deals with the dissolution of the relationship with tradition that urbanization brings. This is the third installment in a series of experimental music theatre productions on migration entitled “Arrival Cities”. Arrival Cities: Hanoi builds a narrative from the life story of Lưu Ngọc Nam, an actor and costume maker in traditional Tuồng theatre. In Arrival Cities, his travels in the country, the homesickness and the tension between traditions that he experiences becomes the source for a further exploration of hand gesture in Tuồng theatre and an expansive portrait of a city vibrant of memories from the Vietnamese countryside.

We played the pre-premiere of materials from the piece in a performance at Manzi’s in June 2014. The premiere is scheduled to Dec 2014 in Sweden but later installments will include more video and orchestra.

Music by Kent Olofsson
Director Jörgen Dahlqvist
Video and music by The Six Tones

Room: Marcus Råberg
Choreography: Miguel Cortés


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Arrival Cities: Hanoi
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– Body on street
– För den som i hemlighet lyssnar
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– Violence and Pedagogy
– Knowing "I"?
– That’s all we shall no for truth
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